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Quality meat, from our farm direct to you.


Pride of Oak is our home  farm where we produce and process our own dorper sheep, boer goats, mixed breed pigs, angusX cattle, chickens ducks and turkeys. and sell directly to customers.

The dorper has became Australia's favourite meat sheep, ideal for Australian conditions, averaging about 20% more meat than other cross breeds with less fat.

Our sires are chosen for length and muscle, and minimal wooliness. Clean shedding sheep use protein for muscle production not wool growth. That means more meat.

Our livestock are paddock raised in a natural environment, not feed-lot produced. Minimal handling and no use of dogs, keeps them stress free, so meat is more tender.

Our stock have access to a

hormone-free oat supplement to optimise growth and tenderness.

The supplement is fed fresh, daily, from troughs, not on the ground-minimising feed contamination and assuring you a cleaner, healthier and chemical free meat!

 The proof of quality is in the eating!


Our produce is available both at the abattoir and our butchery outle


You can also place your order by phone us on m.04477 123 70 or m.0418 476 308 or fill in the contact form or send us a message in facebook and collect your orders from abattoir or from our butchery in Summer Centre Orange



 We use no chlorine or other irritant chemicals in any of our processing. Our water is treated by high pressure filtration and ultra-violet sterilising, fully approved by the NSW Food Authority, so you get no chemical residues on our meat,  which improves the meat's lasting quality  and taste and guarantees a naturally clean meat.



lamb, goat, pork, veal, chicken, turkey and mixed meat sausages

 We use whole carcass meat to process our sausages, no bread crumbs, no fillers, we use natural hog casing, minimal allergens and are all Gluten Free.

 Flavours and blends of sausages include: (not limited to)

Lamb sausage plain

Lamb sausage with mint, herb and rosemary 

Lamb sausage with basil & sundried tomato

Lamb sausage with cheese & bacon

Lamb sausage with mushroom & herb

Lamb and goat mix sausage

Goat sausage plain

Goat sausage with mustard seeds

Goat sausage with mixed herb & garlic

Goat sausage with mushroom and onion

Beef sausages plain

 Pork sausages plain

 Lamb, veal & bacon sausages

 Pork , veal & bacon sausages and many more......


Patties (burger) 

all smallgoods available using our prime meats.

We are always trying out new flavours  to improve our quality and variety of smallgoods products If you have an idea for a new blend give us a call.

Offal - lamb, beef, pig, chicken, duck all available

Bones and mince suitable for your dogs or cats