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Stephen Tamplin (qualified and accredited NSW Food Authority Meat Safety Officer)


We located at Canowindra, Central West of New South Wales. We are an all species licenced private full service abattoir where all staff have formal qualification in animal welfare.


Tablelands Premier Meats is the trade name for our abattoir.

Our abattoir is licensed for all red and non-red meats, and we regularly process sheep, pigs, goats and cattle as well as emu and poultry - chickens, ducks, turkeys etc. Our beef floor is equipped with 1 tonne lifters, enabling processing of all sizes of livestock.


Tablelands Premier Meats provides

  • Dedicated processing for hobby farmers, organic producers, butchers, 

       market retailer and the grower/consumer.     

  • Private slaughtering service available , no minimum number required
  • Butchery and packing available
  • Volume rates may apply, contract rates negotiable  
  • Must have PIC & NLIS declaration and Pig Pass and visible pig tattoo (pigs only) with all stock. 

Tablelands Premier Meats is not halal or kosher, and undertake no ritual slaughter.

Our undercover receiving pens are designed to protect animals from heat and nature's elements and has different size pens to accommodate different numbers and species of animal. The pens are adjacent to the abattoir to provide stress free environment for the animals and handlers with a much more effective and efficient process and system, and separated from our own yards to promote biosecurity.

Services Kill Fee as from April 2019           subject to change without notice

Service provided                                                                    Price $/head

Lamb/goat                                                                                          42.00

Pig sucker up to 45kg DW (Dresses Weight)                                    65.00              Pig   46-75 kg DW                                                                              75.00

Pig   76-95 kg DW                                                                              95.00

Pig   over 95 kg DW                                                                          110.00

Meat chicken  (per bird)                                                                        7.00

Quail  (per bird)                                                                                    1.10

Spatchcock                                                                                           3.00

Rabbit                                                                                                    8.00

Duck                                                                                                   16.00

Turkeys up to 3 kg DW                                                                      18.00

Turkeys >3 kg DW                                                                              20.00

Geese                                                                                                   20.00

Cattle                   $5/Kg dressed weight, including slaughtering and butchering 

Alpaca                                                                                                  80.00

MLA Levies lamb goat pig emu                                                         5.00

MLA Levies vealer/calf alpaca                                                           8.00

Butchering & cutting

Meat per kg as per cut sheet, cling film wrapped only                2.50/kg DW

Meat chickens or duck per bird (breast,thigh,drum,wing)           2.50/bird    Turkey, geese per bird                                                                  5.00/bird

Meat tray packed plus cling film, per tray extra                             0.60/tray

Meat cryovac packed, per pack extra                                              0.60/pack

Labelling per pack/tray                                                               0.10/pack or tray

Free return of bones and trim

Extra services       

Bone out or Mincing per kg                                                                    3.00/kg
Smallgoods such as sausage, patty  per kg                                            5.00/kg     Offal recovery red meat per head                                                          3.00/head
Offal recovery poultry per bird                                                              0.50/bird
Boxes (new) each                                                                                   5.00/box
Extended cool room storage per box or carcass per day        2.00/head or box/day
Lairage per animal per day                                                     3.00/animal/day

Our refrigerated vehicle might be available by negotiation

We are your one-stop-shop meat processor!


In order to assist our clients and those who might like to bring their stock to be processed by us, here is some useful information from MLA Meat & Livestock Australia website links (applies to red meat species - lamb, goat and beef only). For pig processing refer to the APL website (Australian Pork Ltd) about PigPass.

National Livestock Identification (NLIS)

Livestock Protection Assurance (LPA) Program and 

LPA National Vendor Declaration (NVD)

Tablelands Premier Meats - our meat processing facility

Central processing areas - Cleanliness and hygiene standards are maintained as per food safety requirement

Undercover holding pens - animals welfare is our top priority, we ensure animals are kept calm, stress free and free from harsh environment.