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Family budget meat packs 

Available at our butcher shop in Summer Centre , Orange  NSW  2800 

or pre-order and picked up from our farm in Canowindra

All meat packs contain assorted farm fresh, free range, chemical-free red meat (lamb, goat, pork or beef); mixed flavoured gluten free sausages; seasoned rissoles (BBQ/Tasty)

Meat cuts might vary according to stock available

$ 30.00 Pack                                                                                               $ 50.00 Pack

(retail value approx.$ 40.00)                                                                 (retail value approx. $ 60.00)

4 Bacon rashers                                                                                        4  Lamb loin chops 

4 Lamb QTR chops                                                                               2 Beef steak (round/topside, app. 200 gm each piece)   2 Beef steak (round/topside, app. 200 gm each piece)                6 Sausages    (Your choice of flavour)                          

4 Sausages  (Thin or Thick Beef)                                                      6 Rissoles (BBQ or Tasty)      

$ 75.00 Pack                                                                                        $ 100.00 Pack

(retail value approx.$ 85.00)                                                                  (retail value approx. $ 115.00)

4 Lamb loin chops                                                                                   4 Lamb cutlet

4 Beef steak (round/topside, app. 200 gm each piece)                 4 Lamb loin chops  

4 Sausages  (Your choice of flavour)                                                  4 Beef steak (round/topside(app. 200 gm each piece)  4 Rissoles (BBQ/Tasty)                                                                          8 Sausages  (Your choice of flavour)        

1 Lamb Roast 1.5 kg approx.                                                                  4 Chicken snitzel / crumb steak

                                                                                                                        1 Lamb Roast 1.5 kg approx. 

Also available are whole or half lamb, goat, pig, spit pig or beef; can be cut to your specifications. 

All enquiry please call Stephen on m.0447712370 or Dorothy m.0418476308

Meat pack contents and price subject to change without notice.





Single species packs can be ordered subject to availability, extra charges may apply.

Sides and whole carcasses available. Split roasters also available.

Nitrate free ham and bacon also available.