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Information for New Clients

All stock being brought to our abattoir for processing must be accompanied by a properly completed National Vendor Declaration (NVD). In order to obtain an NVD you must have a property identification code (PIC) issued by your Local Land Service (LLS), and completed the livestock production assurance program (LPA) available on the Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA website) to allow you to register on the National Livestock Identification Scheme (NLIS)

All farmed livestock (beef, sheep, goat, pig) must be delivered with ear tag in place purchased through your local rural supplier, coded for your property.

Sheep also need to be crutch clean. A crutching fee of $10 will apply to animals that need cleaning before processing.


Sheep, goat and pigs are usually delivered between 3 and 5 pm Sunday for a Monday kill, and after a 4 day hang in our cool-room can be collected Friday afternoon (3-4pm) or Saturday morning (8-10am) as per arrangement or negotiation.

Cattle are delivered Monday morning before 10am, and have a 8-10 day hang.

Transport of meat product from the abattoir for more than 30 minutes must be in esky or similar cold storage.

We reserve the right to not load your products without proper cold storage for transporting.

Payment must be made on the day or before pick up, we accept cash, by EFTPOS or by direct payment only. No cheque.

Our latest Fee Structure and cutting instruction sheet also available for your information.

To assist you in your delivery, type Tablelands Premier Meats into your phone GPS or phone me when you arrive at Canowindra  NSW.

On arrival:

· Please follow all signs on arrival. Remain in vehicle at STOP sign, sound horn, wait for staff to attend.

· Dogs are not to be allowed loose on our property, must be restrained; children are accompanied by adult at all times.

· It is the owner’s responsibility to undertake unloading of stock.

·Note that after entering our front gate you are monitored by video surveillance.

Special note: A booking fee of $100 applies, payable by EFTPOS, which will be deducted from final invoice. Deposit will only be refunded if cancellation of booking exceeds 72 hours from scheduled delivery.

Kill fee per head except beef                                                       Price $ 

lamb/goat                                                                                                                                      58.00

Pig- sucker up to 45 kg DW                                                                                                70.00

Pig - 46 - 75 kg DW                                                                                                                 80.00                                                                                                                                  Pig - 76 -95 kg DW                                                                                                               100.00

Pig - 96-120 kg DW                                                                                                             115.00

Pig- Over 120 kg                                                                                                                    155.00

Meat Chicken                                                                                                                                8.00

Spatchcock <1000 gm                                                                                                              4.50

Quails                                                                                                                                                1.10

Rabbit                                                                                                                                                8.00

Turkey                                                                                                                                             20.00

Alpaca/Deer                                                                                                                                 80.00

Cattle including slaughtering and butchery /kg DW                                                 7.50

Cattle slaughtering only /kg DW                                                                                          3.50

MLA/APL Levies, skin handling, yardage for lamb, goat, pig                           5.00

MLA/APL Levies, skin handling, yardage for beef, calf, alpaca                       8.00

Butchering and packaging fee 

Red Meat cut per kg dressed weight                                                                                 4.50

Chicken per bird (breast, thigh, drumstick, wing)                                                       3.50

Turkey per bird (breast, thigh, drumstick, wing)                                                          5.00

Transport cutting, lamb, goat, pig                                                                                     15.00

Transport cutting, beef (quartered)                                                                                 50.00

Packaging consumable poly bags, ties, cling wrap per unit                                    0.20

Cryovac packed, rolled net per pack extra                                                                      0.60

Labelling per pack or bag                                                                                                          0.10

Boxes (New)                                                                                                                                    5.00

Smallgoods - per kg  

Mince per kg                                                                                                                                   3.00

Ham & Bacon per kg                                                                                                                   9.00

Sausage per kg (Plain)                                                                                                                6.50

Sausage per kg (flavoured)                                                                                                      7.50

Offal recovery - poultry-per bird                                                                                         0.50

Extended cool room storage per box, tray or carcass per day                              2.00

All red meat offal, bones and trim will be returned to clients at no cost. 

Delivery - $130 per hour travel   

Price as from January 2024, subject to change without notice 

In order to assist our clients and those who might like to bring their stock to be processed by us, here is some useful information from MLA Meat & Livestock Australia website links (applies to red meat species - lamb, goat and beef only). For pig processing refer to the APL website (Australian Pork Ltd) about PigPass.


National Livestock Identification (NLIS)

Livestock Protection Assurance (LPA) Program and

LPA National Vendor Declaration (NVD)

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