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Tablelands Premier Meats is an 'on-farm' fully licenced abattoir and meat processor, located near Canowindra in Central West NSW Australia,  focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction. As well as processing our own naturally grown animals, we provide service kills of sheep, goats, pigs, chickens, ducks  and turkeys  for other growers, with no minimum kill number required. Our meat and sausage range is supported by full butchery and packing services for our clients. We will do everything we can to 'meat' your expectations with home delivery services available.

 We  invite your enquiry for  our meat products or processing services. Please feel free to contact us by our contact form or visit our facebook page  'Pride of Oak Tablelands Premier Meats' or visit our stall at one of our market attendances. Details on Facebook. You can purchase  meat through our web store page.

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Clean, fhealthy, free grazing livestock
Our white Dorper sheep
They have opportunity to graze freely

Our Boer goats

Provide heavier carcasses, more meat for money.
Our blackhead Dorper sheep
We believe animals should be free to express natural behaviours
Our free range chickens
Skins can be made into quality goods

goat skins

The hens are very productive

 Our free range turkeys

Quality skins make great gifts or decorations

We also conduct workshops on processing and tanning  animal skins, can be used for furniture, decoration, art and craft materials

Our animals can live a natural life
Our free range ducks