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                    Pride of Oak



Family budget meat packs

All meat packs contain ass0rted farm fresh, free range, chemical-free red meat (lamb, goat, pig or beef); poultry ( chicken or duck); mixed flavoured gluten free sausages; seasoned rissoles (crumbed or uncrumbed)

 Pack A - for family of 2                          Pack B - for family of 4                         Pack C - for family of 6    

8 assorted chops/steaks                            12 assorted chops/steaks                       12 assorted chops/steaks

4 seasoned rissoles                                      8 seasoned rissole                                    6 cutlets

4 sausages                                                       8 sausages                                                   12 sausages

4 chicken pieces                                           1 whole chicken                                        1 leg roast or shoulder roast

1 kg mince                                                      1 kg mince                                                    1 whole chicken/duck

$ 50.00                                         $ 75.00                                         $ 100.00

Single species packs can be ordered subject to availability, extra charges may apply.

Sides and whole carcasses available. Split roasters also available.

Nitrate free ham and bacon also available.

Freight free pick up at our farm or farmers markets only (Orange, Blayney or Forbes Farmers Market)

Additional charges for home delivery (within 100 km) may apply.